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Have you ever felt like you were failing at everything and you lost your motivation to keep going? A couple of months ago, I participated in an interview with a local magazine in my city named Voyage STL. They wanted to interview different citizens of St. Louis to share their inspirational stories with the world. At first, I didn’t feel like I was qualified to do the interview since I was just starting out, and I haven’t accomplished much yet in my career. But I decided to try anyway.

In the interview, I talked about my love for fashion & music started, my blog, some of the challenges I’ve faced along the way, and more. I was also asked was if I had any advice for those who are just starting out. This question really made me think. I wanted to find the right way to answer this question so that I could actually help someone. So, I decided to answer it as if I were talking to myself. I wanted to give the same advice that others told me that I would look back on when I needed it!

So, here is what I wrote!

Before we let you go, we’ve got to ask if you have any advice for those who are just starting out?”

The advice I have for those just starting is to keep going when you feel that you are not succeeding. Make sure that you are always writing down your goals. You can write it down on paper or even on your phone’s notes app! Always make your goals realistic. I feel by doing this, you are more likely to achieve them. I often write down positive affirmations too. When doing this, I write down my goal in the present tense. For example, writing “I will achieve this goal” or “I have achieved this goal” will make you believe you have already achieved it. You can personalize this affirmation however you want to! Also, always stay consistent! I wish I knew this when starting out. There have been times where I didn’t post on my blog for months when I ran out of ideas or lost my motivation. I feel this hindered my success. Now, I work on my blog almost every single day. I plan out my post ideas in advance so, I will always have a post to look forward to writing!

Katherine Francis

I hope that this advice can help someone out today! I will keep reminding myself of this when I feel like I am not achieving my goals or when I’ve lost my motivation to keep going. I continue to work harder on my blog posts so that one day I can have success!

Here is the link to the interview if anyone wants to read: VoyageSTL Interview: Meet Katherine Francis. Thank you for your support!

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