a holly jolly icebreaker tag | 12 days of blogmas | #9

Today, I will be doing the Holly Jolly Icebreaker Tag! This Christmas tag was created by Rae-raes blogs! This tag is a great way to share your favorite things about the Christmas season. You can try this tag out for yourself too! Just make sure that you link it back to her original post. I can’t wait to read everyone’s answers!

The Holly Jolly Icebreaker Tag

1. What is the one thing you love about Christmas?

I love the Christmas aesthetic! From looking at the lights to putting up decorations. It really gets me in the holiday spirit!

2. What is one of your favorite experiences in Christmas?

My favorite experience is getting to open up presents early with my family on Christmas Eve.

3. What is one of your favorite decorations to put up?

My favorite decorations to put up are the Christmas lights on my house. I try to make my house one of the best decorated in the neighborhood!

4. What is your favorite holiday food?

Baked ham and Christmas cookies!

5. Name some Christmas songs you know!

I made a playlist specifically for all of my favorite Christmas songs! Read my blog post here: My Holiday Playlist!

6. All-time favorite Christmas movie?

The Santa Clause! I make sure to watch this movie every year. Here’s my blog post with my other favorite movies: 5 Movies You Should Watch This Christmas!

7. If you had to design your own Christmas sweater, what would you add?

I would add a lot of glitter and sequins. I would want it to stand out!

8. How do you celebrate Christmas?

I usually open up presents with my family early on Christmas Eve. We also watch movies, eat food, and play music! Then on Christmas Day, we all sit in the dining room and eat Christmas dinner. Sometimes, we go to the movies or drive around to see the lights around my city afterward!

9. Let’s talk about family! How would you describe your family in a sentence?

Loving but chaotic lol.

10. Bust out the aesthetics! Share some pictures that you have found for Christmas!

Here are some pictures I have saved in my Christmas folder on Instagram. I saved them so I could get inspiration for the holiday season!

Will You Be Participating In This Christmas Tag? Again, Just Remember To Link It Back To The Original Post! Thanks Everyone!


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