style/looks | styling telfar bags.

Telfar has become all the hype this past year. From gaining popularity as a low-cost black-owned luxury bag to selling out in seconds. This brand was also mentioned in the “My Top 5 Favorite Black-Owned Brands” post in June! So, I thought I would show how I would style one. Telfar Bags come in so many different colors, and I thought the black one can … Continue reading style/looks | styling telfar bags.

style | my everyday fashion essentials!

Everyone has their daily uniform. It is your everyday outfit that has your favorite fashion essentials that you can’t leave behind. It can be your favorite sunglasses, pair of shoes, hat, or necklace. It can even be your favorite hairstyle or makeup look! It is what makes your signature style! Today, I am going to show you the fashion essentials that make my everyday look! … Continue reading style | my everyday fashion essentials!

style | thanksgiving outfits looks/ideas.

Here are some Thanksgiving Party looks that I created on Fashmates to inspire you this holiday! These looks are what I think I would have worn this year. But these outfits are two different looks that feature similar essentials. Look #1 This look includes a loose black sweater dress with a black leather jacket, and platform Chelsea boots with knee high socks to match. Look … Continue reading style | thanksgiving outfits looks/ideas.

fashion | my favorite items and looks from the Ivy Park x Adidas collection.

∼ As soon as Ivy Park x Adidas was released, it was all anyone could talk about. It sold out literally immediately. I watched as people were scrambling and tweeting about wanting to buy their items in time so they wouldn’t be put in the “waiting room”. Even all of Bey’s celebrity friends were posting their big Ivy Park boxes all over social media. I’ve … Continue reading fashion | my favorite items and looks from the Ivy Park x Adidas collection.

fashion | my luxury bag wishlist.

∼ As I have come to learn more about fashion, I have also learned more about quality. In fashion school, we were taught the difference between how a high fashion brand’s item was made versus a fast fashion item.  Learning about this not only made me want to take better care of my items and but also save my money to buy the luxury items … Continue reading fashion | my luxury bag wishlist.