that 70’s show | a character style analysis.

Today, I am starting a series on my blog where I talk about the styles of my favorite characters from some of the most iconic tv shows and films. For this post, I am starting with the legendary, “That 70’s Show”.

That 70’s Show was created by Bonnie Turner, Terry Tuner, and Mark Brazill. It premiered in 1998 and ran for 8 seasons, ending in 2004. The costume designer was Melina Root. She has been nominated six times and won twice at the Emmys for, “Outstanding Costume Design for a Series”. She won in 1999 for her work in That 70’s Show and 1997 for 3rd Rock From The Sun.

That 70’s Show is one of my favorite shows of all time. I can watch this show a million times and never get tired of it. No matter what, I will laugh every single time. Along with being one of my favorite shows, it also has some of my favorite character styles. This show perfectly captures the aura of the 70s in the best way possible. I have always been fascinated by Steven Hyde. Hyde is one of my favorite characters on the show. I love everything from his music taste, his relationship with Jackie, his witty “burns”, to his Zen attitude, and overall his fashion sense.

Hyde’s style usually consisted of flare jeans, denim jackets, vests, sweaters, flannels, band tees, patterned shirts or pants, a necklace, a belt, boots, his signature sunglasses, and his iconic curly hair. His fashion has always stood out to me because of how effortless yet put together it was. It was very on-brand for the 70’s grunge look that people were going for at the time.

His style is very much like mines today. I always try to dress minimalistic with dark colors while adding an edgy or grunge look to it. I love to wear band tees and combat boots.

Therefore, here are some of my favorite outfits that Hyde wore throughout the seasons! Hopefully, you will get some inspiration from this to incorporate into your style. Also, I hope to do more character style analysis from this show in the future!

*Note: This post is strictly about the character NOT the actor*

Band Tees

What would Hyde’s style be without his iconic band t-shirts? They usually consisted of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and AC/DC. Each shirt matched his personality and style perfectly. He even gave Jackie one of his favorite shirts for her birthday. That shows how much they meant to him!

Denim Jackets and Vests

Denim vests were more a part of his signature style than the jackets. He usually wore them with a patterned shirt or band tee. But, the outfit with the Chevrolet jacket is one of my favorite looks that he wore!


It was always a rare occasion to see Hyde without his sunglasses. These classic aviators quickly became a signature stable in his wardrobe. There are even look-alike’s that you can find on amazon. Just know every time you think of Steven Hyde, you can’t forget those signature sunglasses.

Flare Jeans and Boots

No matter what, you will always see Hyde in his boots. They are usually the same pair even though Jackie bought him new pairs in one of my favorite episodes. The show always emphasized that he took care of them by frequently having him shine them in the Foreman’s basement.

Patterned Pants and Shirts

Patterns were very popular in the 70s, so it would be only right that they were included in Hyde’s style. He always wore them with a vest or jacket. I love how they were able to make a pattern that could be seen as “loud” fit right in with his cool and mellow style.

Flannels and Sweaters

Hyde’s sweaters and flannels always managed to give him a cozy and relaxed look. But still, it was very grunge!

Necklaces and Rings

Hyde always wore these beaded chokers with every outfit. These were very common to wear in the 70s. They made great accessories that fit his style. He wore a pinky ring often too.

Honorable Mentions

These outfits did not appear as often as the rest but, they were just as awesome. I wish Hyde wore that leather jacket more often!

Overall, Hyde’s style was very memorable and is still being discussed today on social media every time we reminisce about That 70’s Show. It was the perfect mix of the 70’s grunge style that fit his personality perfectly. Now, every time I look for an outfit with an edgy feel, I always refer back to Hyde’s style!

What was your favorite Hyde look? Comment Below!
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